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June 02, 2008

Aging through a lifestream

It started with weblogs, but especially with (location based) microblogs like Brightkite, sequential publishing is becoming a real force. It is a force that at least shapes online history. Lifestream tools (like Tumblr and Friendfeed) allow you to record and look into this history.

In his keynote at the Web and Beyond conference, Adam Greenfield talked about the 'Big Now' and 'Long Here', referring (in short) to the fact that you now can follow people all over the world in real time and track events related to a certain location over time.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The question is if this literal stream could shape the underlying content like I mentioned in a previous post 'Use influences appearance'. Also, should I protect myself from certain streams so I can get a maiden look at a piece of information or a place before it erodes and ages through the shared opinion of others?

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