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July 25, 2008

Exterior dashboard

The real and virtual world are converging. Although it probably never was that separated. It is more a matter of visibility. The increased use of LED screens in the real world (for the current biggest see 'The Place in Beijing') opens up a whole new 'outlet' for digital information.

The more familiar are ticker tapes of news or stock information and commercial presentations like on Times Square. But what if the screen functions as a kind of dashboard; for example, color coding cooling towers of power plants according to current power consumption.

exterior dashboard

Wouldn't driving by such a screen make you at least reflect on the issue of power consumption or maybe even your personal involvement in it?

Going back to the computer screen and the browser window, a similar thing could be done. What if the background color of a particular site represents the server load at that time. It could very well influence user behaviour ("This place is hot!"). It would even be more interesting if this information were to be represented visually in search results.

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