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April 30, 2008

Street credits

According to the Urbandictionary.com 'Street credits' are "the points you get for doing something impressive and bold. The more street credit you have the cooler you are". It seems that an online equivalent is appearing. More and more people are leaving a serious 'footprint' online. It's no longer an option but a real need to be in a social network; preferably more than one. And the profile pages people maintain on these networks are getting more extensive by the day: the more widgets, embedded movies and wall posts; the cooler you are!

Next, of course, it is important to brag about it: to establish your 'virtual status' (a term introduced by Olly Wright at Pecha Kucha Amsterdam). This bragging in turn is facilitated by lifestream services like Friendfeed.


This allows you to follow whatever your friends are doing in their different virtual hangouts and for you to top that with something more impressive (and they will be automatically notified of your efforts!).

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