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March 30, 2008

From randomness to serendipity

Current developments on the Internet seem to have a randomness to them: connecting on social networks seems a goal in itself and providing your 'current status' (however insignificant) has become the killer feature. A lot of people don't 'get it' anymore, because from the outside it indeed looks useless, even silly (the Twitter public timeline can be a real turnoff).

However, when you're willing to give it a chance, you will experience a moment of unforeseen relevance very quickly (for example learning sometime interesting you weren't looking for, from someone you didn't expect it from). And the relevance seems to come out of nowhere: an act of serendipity. It has even been called a sort of Extra Sensory Perception.

It can almost become a surreal experience when you involve Internet connected objects like the Nabaztag. These 'Internet Rabbits' are becoming the quintessential example of the Internet of Things.

Nabaztags on GoogleMaps

They can perform random actions through their 'Nabazmoods', like abruptly stating "Ah well, whatever" in the middle of an argument you just might have. And when you involve their RFID capability, who knows what might happen!

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