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June 18, 2007

Esthetic distortion and human features

The human brain is especially equipped for noticing distortions or anomalies. Lateral vision (which allows you to 'see' next to you while looking forward) for one, protects you from possible harm. Also (human) features that are especially important attract special attention. For example, a person is able to discern from great distance whether another person is looking at or past that person. These human traits are the basis of most artistic expressions around the world; by distorting or exaggerating important features our attention is grabbed. By doing this skillful and subtle it becomes esthetic. Unfortunately both are an exception on the Internet, whereby possible attention is lost. Also, these brain functions are tailored for human features which could mean websites should have more resemblance to those (N.B. Ever notice that car front designs get more and more face-like features?)

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June 12, 2007

Claiming your stake

Claiming your stake on the Internet used to be 'as easy' as claiming your domain-name. However this is not enough anymore these days; you now have to claim your stake on social networks, blog aggregators, personal homepages and even OpenID's. It seems a never ending quest driven by popular demand.

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June 05, 2007

Human Reboot?

Apparently we have entered the Link Age where conversing over networks is the way to stay 'alive'. Actually, through this we create a second identity which does the 'talking' for us and feeds our network-friends. It seems to me that humankind re-entered the age of 'hunting and gathering' and found its place in the flow (not overflow anymore!) of the information eco-system. This makes me wonder even more what the next (st)age is going to be; the industrialisation of the information economy?

Inspired by Reboot 9.0 talks by Tor Nørretranders , Stowe Boyd and Jeremy Keith.

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