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May 16, 2007

Municipalities as Social Network

I am wondering whether it makes sense for a municipality (a village or city) to create an online social network (or to join one or more of them). Is the fact that you share streets, public services, etc. enough to join a network like this? Otherwise, is it a public service (i.e. obligation) to provide information/links to everything that goes on within the (geographical) limits of the municipality?
I think I would subscribe to my city's Netvibes Universe, if it were to provide one.

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Posted by Almar at 11:25 AM

May 02, 2007

Biomimicry, or learning from life

A virreal is ideally a complex interplay between websites and real life actions. In designing a virreal one can learn from (complex) organisms or ecosystems. Taking cues from nature is also known as biomimicry. The key is to figure out how the coordinated dynamics within these systems take place and can be influenced.
The dynamics of current social networks are already very interesting, but I am wondering how they can be taken to the next level, i.e. letting social networks take intended collective actions.

Posted by Almar at 10:06 AM