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April 24, 2006

Use influences appearance

'Entering' a virreal should ideally alter the appearance of the virreal also for future visitors (like a natural trail). Or to put it mildly; use should not go unnoticed.

Google Image resultaat voor http://www.biology.ualberta.ca/biodiversity/report2002/images/Brown_1.jpg

You would want the same effect as a crowd that draws attention. Of course, it shouldn't cause jams or affect the service, but when you're there you want to feel that your part of something. This goes beyond list rankings, top referrals or digg-counts, because those are gone as soon as you click the referring link.

Posted by Almar at 08:19 AM

April 20, 2006

A virreal park

I like to be online but have a relaxing environment at my disposal as well. Stepping away from it all, without going offline (because my goal is to enhance the online experience).
I therefore consider setting up a virreal park. A place you can walk into (link into?), just as a short sidestep during a websurf. I mentioned parks before, but since that time my ideas have become a little(!) more specific.
It should be a spot where you can wander around, stand still and enjoy the view and even encounter others. In a way it should be similar to avatar-environments like SecondLife or Habbo-hotel, but it should be more open (e.g. part of a 'regular' website or group of websites) and maybe less life-like. This way it can also be a platform for all kinds of digital artists, who can create the virtual equivalents of statues, fountains or streetperformers that you find in any park.
So, still very conceptual, but maybe a hint for a new open-source project?

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