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May 15, 2006

Virreal real estate

Context is everything. For example a tree in the middle of a field looks very different from a tree in the middle of the forest (a lot less branches and leaves, because there just isn't enough light).
Still we use the first example as the analogy for most of our site structures.

We tend to think that our site (our URL) is a spot in an open space, but I don't think that's the case. Some domain names are actually very crowded (a lot of similar words are claimed by different parties) and some companies tend to register domain names that reflect their products or services, next to their company name. So their actually acquiring virtual real estate to strengthen their position.

I want to suggest to go a step further; be like the tree in the forest. Search for that piece of light, where ever it is, and influence your context. Create links between these seemingly unrelated domain names, thus creating some virreal real estate.

Posted by Almar at 08:59 PM