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January 29, 2006

Function for function, l'art pour l'art

I am very much in favour of treating websites artistically, however it should not interfere with function. I would rather see that art is added to a functional site, with no other function than being art (which can have all sorts of functions in itself). See also a previous entry on this subject.

Posted by Almar at 04:59 PM

January 03, 2006

Can you take a picture?

A great thing about real life architecture is that it can be documented (e.g. photographed), often in very special ways, which gives it additional significance. Question now is how this can be translated to virreals? Is it feasible to document and published how one experienced a virreal in an online way?
In my opinion there are some examples. First RIOT (an alternative webbrowser) and FEED (an artistic webmonitor) at Potatoland by Mark Napier.
Second the Firefox extension Greasemonkey which allows to make scripts to change the behaviour of a website in your own defined way.

Posted by Almar at 12:10 PM