October 24, 2006


At the end of last month I spoke at the European Information Architecture summit in Berlin. I introduced my concept of Virreal Architecture and by doing this I challenged the IA community. This resulted in some very extreme feedback, both positive and negative; a controversy so to say.

Both kinds of feedback proved to be inspirational; it seems that the vacuum between the extremes creates opportunity/creativity. I'm not sure yet, but I think creating controversy can actually prove to be a useful method for getting things clear (at least in your own head).

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January 29, 2006

Function for function, l'art pour l'art

I am very much in favour of treating websites artistically, however it should not interfere with function. I would rather see that art is added to a functional site, with no other function than being art (which can have all sorts of functions in itself). See also a previous entry on this subject.

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July 26, 2005

Integral (p)art

More attention should be given to art on, otherwise functional, webspots. This art shouldn't be functional, but inadvertently is in the sense that it probably triggers something.
Although there are some very artistical webspots out there, the artwork is usually supportive to the main goal. My opinion is that l'art pour l'art eventually will serve a greater goal.

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April 12, 2005

Setting some boundaries

Since all of this is quite new (even to me), I think it is important to set some boundaries to this weblog.

First, I see it as a professional platform to share ideas on the concept of VIRREALS. Over the course of time it should become clear what they are and what they mean. I don't have the answer straight away.

Second, I consider it a subjective view on the (virtual) world, so I don't have the intention to communicate absolute truths or be statistically significant.

Posted by Almar at 02:23 PM