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June 08, 2009

100% read/write?

When I finally got round to taking a closer look at Google Wave, I was very pleased with the potential that is created by rethinking a common thing like e-mail. I was struck though by the following comment in the presentation (at 11m48s): ".. with Google Wave you spend 100% of your time either reading or writing". Because messages are instantly posted by the system you no longer have to wait for the other person to finish, which is good, but this opposite doesn't sound quite right either. I don't mind being 100% online, and I can't wait to exploit the potential of Google Wave (and a definite farewell to MS Office?), but I would like to see some kind of pleasurable 'idle'-mode built in. Is it possible to have an in-between state of reflection next to reading an writing online?


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Posted by Almar at June 8, 2009 10:30 AM


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