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August 14, 2007

Taking pictures of the web

I expressed my wishes for taking pictures of the web before. Doing this literally was already possible in a sense, but through a new tool called 'Skitch' the experience got a whole lot better. Skitch allows you to 'snap' a screen and immediately post it to the web. It doesn't automatically provide a link to the source/subject of the picture yet (like Google Notebook), so we're not 'web-tagging' (as opposed to geo-tagging) yet.

You're basically collecting screenshots or screendumps. But then again a postcard (or literally translating from the German and Dutch 'Ansichtka(a)rt(e)' which means 'viewcard') is in essence a 'scenery shot'.

In addition, through microblogs like Twitter (and especially the links/tinyurls that are posted), you get a real feel of the current webtraffic (at least within a certain group) and you can literally follow the crowd to the 'scenic viewpoints'.

And for an example of a 'web picture'; something starring myself in a semi-interesting situation (like most family-album photos):

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Posted by Almar at August 14, 2007 04:50 PM