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December 04, 2006

Impressive lobby

Buildings like hotels and offices have had lobbies for ages. The importance of the lobby is most prominent in the derived verb 'lobbying': to seek influence. Usually it refers to people in the lobby that are trying to influence other people in that same lobby. However, the lobby itself is usually designed to exert influence as well. It is designed to impress visitors, to give an impression of the wealth and power of the owner.

Homepages are generally considered the lobbies of websites. Therefore they gained a lot of attention. However, with the current popularity of search-engines and feeds/aggregators they are on the decline. I still think that websites have a place to impress their visitors, but it should be more of a 'central square' where pass by or which you have to cross. And in order to succeed it should have the same qualities as real life famous and impressive squares (or lobbies for that matter): sheer size or a magnificent centerpiece.

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Posted by Almar at 02:38 PM