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October 14, 2005

Bridges and Waterways

Great cities tend to have great bridges because they are located at main waterways (being the historical gateway to the riches). The analogy between a river and for example a search engine as main traffic generator is easily made. But what about the bridge? Is there a need to cross the main way of transportation? Or should it just be seen as a crossing, with commercial value but no extra physical challenges or esthetical expressions.
I don't have the answer yet, but I do hope to find a reason or means to create the online counterpart of the bridge.

Posted by Almar at 08:23 PM

Take a stroll

Great cities usually have great parks. They are sometimes called the lungs of a city, and are greatly appreciated by its inhabitants. It gives them the opportunity to slow down and relax just around the block.

So maybe, a good way to keep somebody on your site is to allow them to 'take a stroll'. I do not mean letting them browse around but offering them something different, something esthetical or possibly natural.

This relates to my plea for integral art which also could be a means for 'on site relaxation'.

Posted by Almar at 07:59 PM