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April 12, 2005

What is a Virreal?

In short, a virreal is a set of interlinked webspots. It is not a webring in the sense that its intentions are different.

Posted by Almar at 03:02 PM

Virreal Subways

In my opinion all great cities have subway systems. Stated otherwise: a city can't be great if it doesn't have a subway system.

What now makes the subway such a good feature: it connects parts of the city in an efficient way. Therefore I think parts of a virreal should be connected by a subway-like system.

The fact that subway-lines have fixed routes with fixed stops, should be incorporated in the virtual variety. These elements add, namely, to the build up towards arriving at the destination.

Posted by Almar at 02:45 PM

Setting some boundaries

Since all of this is quite new (even to me), I think it is important to set some boundaries to this weblog.

First, I see it as a professional platform to share ideas on the concept of VIRREALS. Over the course of time it should become clear what they are and what they mean. I don't have the answer straight away.

Second, I consider it a subjective view on the (virtual) world, so I don't have the intention to communicate absolute truths or be statistically significant.

Posted by Almar at 02:23 PM

April 08, 2005

First entry to Virreosophy

First question: Does it work this time? Yes it does. So now I have platform to start explaining what I mean by virreals and realizing la vie virtuelle.

Posted by Almar at 02:21 PM