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Not artistic, yet creative. Not obsessive, yet tasteful.
On Giro and On Taro by Keith Haring and Toshiyuki Kita
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White Dog
KIN value: 90

The 'white' color of the dog shows that your life is about specifying clearly and adding more detail. You can go into depth and bring things into balance.

Your life is directed by tone 'Twelve', which is the tone of transparency. You are supposed to create clarity. You are characterized by seeing different views of one given. This makes you a good adviser. When talking you should make sure that you don't lose the storyline because of your creativity and enthusiasm. Stick to your intentions and finish what you started.

The sun sign 'Dog' orchestrates your lives out of the power of tolerance. Other qualities are: unconditional love, feeling of belonging, emotion and love for the self. The shadow sides are having trouble in expressing emotions, being selfish, experiencing anger and drama and lacking loyalty. The key is embracing these emotions, staying loyal to yourself and excepting leadership at points of need.

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